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When someone queries a search engine for a key phrase related to your site's products or services, does your web site appear in the top 2 or 3 result pages, or does your competition? If you're listed, but not somewhere near the the top, you may be missing out on increased web site traffic. To overcome that, your web site needs to be properly optimized for those key words and phrases. That's where we come in.Hudson Valley web designer,Hudson Valley website builders,Hudson Valley web design,

Here's What We Can Do For You: Provide you with a no obligation Technical & SEO audit of your web site and provide you with an outlined proposal on what we will do to optimize and promote your site and the associated costs involved.

We will do the research needed to develop a comprehensive and competitive list of logical and likely key phrases a potential client or customer would use to find what it is you have to offer.

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We will optimize your web site pages for those key phrases by making the needed changes and submit your optimized pages to the major search engines on a regular basis. We will regularly email to you a report showing your current and previous rankings on each search engine for the phrases you are targeting. This report provides valuable information, and worth reading and understanding to ensure you are maintaining high rankings for the phrases that are important to you. They outline the key search phrases we developed for you, and the rankings for those phrases on major search engines at the time of the report.

We will continue to tweak your optimized pages on a regular basis to keep up with the ever changing search engine criteria required to keep your site search engine friendly. Click on the red banner at the top of the screen for a free audit of your web site.

Free Site Audit

Quick Check Under The Hood

JL Websites, Inc., will check your existing web site for broken links, reputable backlinks, server issues, mobile-readiness, page access issues, alt tag issues and other factors which greatly affect your search engine rankings. This initial audit is free of charge and is full of valuable information. Click on the red banner at the top of the screen for a free audit of your web site.

Mobile Readiness

Perfect For Every Device

A major factor in achieving top rankings for your web site is making sure it is mobile-ready. This means it can be easily viewed on any size device. This is very important as Google will rank a mobile-ready site higher than one that is not. JL Websites, inc., can build for you a mobile-ready site from scratch, or convert your existing web site maintaining the look and design.

Keyword Research

Speak The Language

You likely have a few keywords in mind for which you would like to obtain top Google rankings. These will be things like your products, services, or other topics your website addresses, and they are great starting points for your list of key search phrases. Our keyword research will identify additional similar, logical and competitive keywords and key phrases that are being used to find you.


Track The Success

We email to you reports outlining your search engines rankings as well as a comparison to the previous report. It also shows rankings for any of your competitors that you choose, and back-link tracking. It is a great way to track your progress and get an idea on what keywords you may need to tweak for better rankings.

Page Optimization

resolve The Issues

We take all of the issues discovered in the site audit, and correct each one so that it no longer hinders your top rankings. We then optimize your pages so that the search engines can find them when someone searches using your keywords. When the site is optimized we run another site audit to ensure all issues are addressed, and then submit to the major search engines.


Staying There

When we see on the reports that some of your main keywords may be slipping a bit on the rankings, we take the necessary steps to modify your pages to ensure consistent rankings. Additional landing pages can be added to focus on a certain search phrase.